ENGLAND vs USA! Let’s Talk Cars Brands!

ENGLAND vs USA! Let’s Talk Cars Brands!

England will play the USA today; November 25th 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar! Whilst were all very excited to see the outcome of this exciting and highly anticipated match, were much more concerned about British vs American car brands! 

Let’s get this conversation started and settled once and for all. Head over to @eurofitautocentres and share your opinion with us! 

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Britain and America are two countries separated by a common language.” Nowhere is that more apparent than in the difference between the car and the automobile! 

Now if we're talking common languages; let's start with the different words for the same object. Whilst we Brits call it a ‘bonnet’, our friends over the pond refer to it as a ‘hood’ we know it as the ‘boot’ and the Americans refer to it as a ‘trunk’ That's the top and bottom of it…

Now we're not here to debate English vs American English… Let’s get this discussion on the road. The only question that remains is are you taking the Aston Martin or Mustang? 

Whilst American cars have always had a reputation for being bigger and flashier! Did you know they are considerably cheaper to run? The current price for fuel in the US is about $0.92 per litre (£0.60) compared to about £1.40 per litre in the UK. This is because drivers in the US pay only 6% in tax for their fuel, while UK drivers pay about 40% - a massive difference. Now before you apply for your VISA to the states, let's dig deeper.

Now the difference between American and British cars is about as stark as the classic British Black cab and NYC Yellow Taxi cab! 

TEAM USA: In the lineup for classic American car brands we've got; 

  • Cadillac - Long the luxury badge of choice for American plutocrats, this GM-owned car brand boasts a stellar past. 
  • Chevrolet - Enthusiasts will always add "Corvette" when Chevy is named, and with very good reason.
  • Ford -“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses” is what Henry Ford is reputed to have said on the success of the Model T Ford, widely regarded as the first mass-produced car. 
  • Tesla - Elon Musk's all-electric brand hardly needs an introduction, it's never a publicity-shy boss making sure of that. 
  • Jeep - Who hasn't always secretly wanted a Jeep? The first Jeeps were military vehicles - the name reputedly coming from the abbreviation GP, standing for general-purpose vehicle

TEAM BRITAIN: In the lineup for classic British car brands we've got; 

  • Bentley - Easily one of the best-known British car brands in the world, Bentley was first launched in 1919. 
  • Rolls Royce - Another unforgettable example of a British car brand with a presence worldwide, Rolls Royce is an icon of sophistication and luxury.
  • Land Rover - Creator of luxury sports utility vehicles and high-performance cars, Land Rover has made a name for itself as a true innovator since launching in 1948. 
  • Aston Martin - Probably the most famous of the British car companies responsible for making sports cars, Aston Martin is an unforgettable British brand. 
  • McLaren - Another unforgettable name in the sporting landscape, McLaren is one of the few British car brands focusing specifically on sports cars and nothing else.

So we’ve dropped some big names within this article! Now we want to hear your opinion! Who wins when it comes to England vs USA car brands? 

Head over to @eurofitautocentres and share your opinion with us! Send us a tweet and we will re-share your thoughts! 

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