Do You Know Any Learner Drivers? Share This Essential Guide

Do You Know Any Learner Drivers? Share This Essential Guide

As we mature into adulthood, one of the most significant freedoms we attain is learning how to drive. We are no longer restricted to fixed public transport routes but can venture out to wherever we desire at any given moment. While public transport is beneficial, there's a distinct experience in driving that can only be achieved by getting behind the wheel and hitting the road. 

However, the process of acquiring this skill can often be frustrating, tense, and exceedingly costly. Thus, having a comprehensive understanding of the learning process, including the associated costs and timelines, can be quite advantageous.


How long does it take to learn to drive?

To calculate the cost of learning to drive, it's necessary to consider the duration of the learning process. Typically, it takes approximately 45 hours of lessons, although the time frame for spreading out these sessions varies significantly and significantly impacts the overall learning period.

This is because mastering any skill through short and infrequent bursts of practice usually extends the learning process. Initially, getting into a car and comprehending the functions of each pedal may feel like operating heavy machinery. The goal is to develop muscle memory for all movements to be able to perform them instinctively, freeing the mind to focus on the road ahead.

Typically, driving lessons span between 60 to 120 minutes, with longer sessions offering more opportunities to hone specific skills. With a weekly 120-minute lesson, you may be prepared to take your driving test within six months.


The cost of driving lessons

Driving instructors are not subject to any set minimum or maximum fees for their services. Instead, their rates typically align with the market prices in their geographical location, and they must account for expenses such as vehicle maintenance, insurance, and fuel.

The cost of driving lessons can range between £30 to £60 per hour, depending on the instructor's expertise, specialisations such as automatic driving, and location.


Booking your theory test

It's advisable to book your theory test as soon as possible since available slots tend to be in high demand, resulting in a waiting period. Utilising phone applications can significantly aid in learning and revising all necessary materials for the test.

Many of the concepts required for the theory test are typically integrated into the learning process.


Booking your driving test

Your driving instructor will determine when you're adequately prepared to take the test. Typically, this decision is based on your ability to confidently drive without any guidance or notes from the instructor for several hours.

At times, it's natural to perceive that an instructor may be intentionally delaying your progress, but in most cases, their judgment is correct. Passing the driving test necessitates demonstrating the ability to safely drive a vehicle independently, including carrying passengers on public roads, making it a crucial decision.


Getting your first car

Once you've passed your test & secured your first car. You can always trust the experts at your Eurofit Autocentres to keep it in great condition!

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