Did you know The Queen drives? If you didn’t before, you do now!

Did you know The Queen drives? If you didn’t before, you do now!

In the spirit of The Queen’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee, we at Eurofit thought we’d remind you all of an interesting fact. Our beloved Queen… drives.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen images of The Queen riding around in her Range Rover, it came as a surprise to many as some believe she didn’t drive. Well, The Queen doesn’t officially need to hold a full driver's licence. So you can expect to see her on the roads, but she won’t be booking her practical test any time soon.

So, where does The Queen drive to? How does she drive? For regular drivers, there are strict rules of the road to adhere to. But for The Queen, who can’t actually break the law, surely she drives around a bit differently- For instance, legally she is allowed to ignore all speed limits! It’s mind-blowing that she even gets behind the wheel of a car, given she can be chauffeured wherever, whenever. 

Imagine driving on a normal day and bumping into none other than Her Majesty The Queen. It won’t be hard to spot her, as she is the only person who is allowed to be on the roads with no licence plate. On the rare occasion that she might be cruising around, it would truly be astonishing to cross paths with her.

How would you react if you had the opportunity to meet the British Monarch? Rumour has it she asks what you do for a living so it might be worth having an answer prepared. It’s also important to remember not to pull your phone out, as getting a selfie with any of the royal family is very much illegal!

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