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Servicing from £50

Why do I need to service my vehicle?

Regular vehicle servicing will reduce the risk of you breaking down. It will help you prolong the vehicle’s lifespan, and maintain the value of your vehicle.

Your vehicle manufacturer usually recommend that you service your vehicle every 12,000 miles, or every 12 months. The standard vehicle will do 12,000 miles a year, but it all depends on your personal situation and what you have been recommended by your insurer.

How will Eurofit Autocentres service plans help me?

Eurofit Autocentres offers three service plans to accommodate your vehicle servicing requirements. Our servicing packages start from £50 including parts, labour and VAT.

Interim Service: This includes over a 50-point check of your car or van, including the following:

●interior and exterior checks

●under the bonnet inspection

●full vehicle inspection

●tyre check

●oil and oil filter changes

●engine fluid check

At the end of your car or van service, your book will be standard and vehicle service indicator reset.

Full Service: This is an intensive 80-point check of your vehicle from £105, including all of the above and the following additional assessment:

●removal of serviceable components

●specific oil checks

●replacement of air filter

Just like the interim service, your vehicle service book will be stamped and reset.

Dealer Scheduled Service: This bespoke option is tailored specifically to your vehicle’s make, age and mileage, and will be carried out in accordance to your vehicle’s manufacturer servicing schedules. Eurofit Autocentres will only use branded components which meet the manufacturer's original standards.

So what service does my vehicle need?

For vehicles that do less than 6,000 miles a year, we recommend you alternate between a full service and interim service. For example, one year you can carry out a full service and the following year an interim service. However it’s important to state that regardless of minimal mileage, engine oil will need to be changed at least once a year to minimise engine damage.

For vehicles that cover 8,000 – 12,000 miles a year, we recommend a full service once a year. If you cover more than 12,000 miles you may have to have two full services a year, a further full service, and then followed by an interim service.

For newer vehicles, which are still covered by the manufacturer's warranty, we recommend a dealer scheduled service.

This ensures your warranty is still valid. If you require a dealer-scheduled service, please advise at time of booking and a quotation will be provided.

Which vehicle parts and oil does Eurofit Autocentres use?

We use branded quality parts and branded oil that is equivalent to the manufacturer’s specification. 

Why is Eurofit Autocentres so cheap compared to the Dealers?

We keep our costs down, have greater flexibility due to our independence and strong supplier relationships so we’re able to offer cheaper deals and offers compared to some of our competition. The only difference is the price.