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What is an MOT Test?
All vehicles registered in the UK which are more than 3 years old have to undergo an annual inspection to ensure the vehicle meets the government standards for Road Safety and Environment Friendliness. This is known as the MOT Test and takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.
You can book your vehicle for an MOT up to 31 days before it is due.
What is Checked?
All Eurofit's Autocentres MOT testers are approved by the Vehicle and Operating Service Agency (VOSA).  
The test includes: Interior Checks, Exterior Checks, Under Bonnet Inspection, Under Vehicle Inspection, Emission Test & a Brake Performance Check.
For a full list of what is tested you can visit the VOSA home page at: or alternatively call your local centre for more details.
Pass, Fail & Advisory Notice
Our MOT Tester's will check the vehicle thoroughly and either issue a Pass or a Fail Certificate. They can also issue Advisory Notices.
A Pass  indicates that your vehicle is roadworthy at the time of the test and meets the requirements as set out by VOSA.
A Fail indicates that your vehicle is not roadworthy and has not met the requirements of VOSA. This certificate will list the failures.  If the work is carried within 10 working days there will be no retest fee.  After 10 days the vehicle will require a new MOT test and you will be charged for the test.
How do I book my car in for a MOT Test?
Call your local Eurofit Autocentre, or use our online booking system to book your car for an MOT test.