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Full Service

Eurofit Autocentres

This is for a 3.0 litre energy

Was £111.59


An intensive 80 point check, which includes all checks included in the Interim Service and removal of serviceable components, gearbox /differential oil levels, replacement of oil, oil filter and air filter. We will also check the manufacturers recommended replacement schedule for spark plugs (petrol engines only) & fuel filters, however surcharge may apply.

Your service book will be stamped and service indicator reset. 

A service report is generated to advise you on possible advisories or further work that may be required to keep your vehicle on the road.

Our Full Service includes

  • Pre-service road test - before any work is undertaken we check the driveability of the vehicle, steering & suspension.
  • Interior checks - include switches, heater controls, air con condition, windscreen wipers, seat belts & driver’s mirrors.
  • Exterior light checks - full light checks & lens condition.
  • Exterior checks - registration plates, door hinges & operations, boot & bonnet operation.
  • Vehicle raised - oil leaks check, exhaust system condition, driveshaft, fuel pipes, gearbox oil level & engine mount condition.
  • Vehicle half raised - brake system, steering suspension, wheel bearing, shock absorbers, suspension, tyre condition.
  • Under bonnet checks - battery & alternator checks, auxiliary belt condition, fluid check & top ups.
  • Final checks/ road test - reset service book/ reset service light & final road test.