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Free Brake Check

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This is for a 3.0 litre energy

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Brake pads, discs, shoes, cylinders or pipes are one of, if not the, most important safety aspects on your vehicle and it is essential  you get these regularly checked by one of our fully trained technicians.  The quality of your brakes is vital, due to the importance of the job they do, so we only fit original equipment parts for your safety.

Common issues with braking system are noises when braking i.e. scraping, rubbing, squeaks, grinding noises, vibration when braking at 30mph or above, pulling to the left or right when braking, poor performance or slow braking i.e. spongey brakes, reduced efficiency when braking, hard brake pedal, weak handbrake...

Our technicians will check all the braking components on your vehicle to ensure they are in full working order. Our intensive brake check includes brake fluid, pads, discs, drums, shoes, cylinders, calliper, handbrake cables, sensors, brake pedal operation, brake hoses & brake pipes check. Possible braking issues pull on steering or judder when braking, noise i.e. scraping, grinding, soft brake pedal, travel in pedal, travel in hand brake or not holding.