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MOT Vs a Service

How often is a MOT or a Service?


  • A MOT is every 12 months from the first date it was issued on vehicles aged 3 or above.


  • A vehicle service is recommended every 12 months.


Is a MOT or service a legal requirement?


  • Vehicles aged 3 or above are legally obliged to have an annual MOT which is enforced by DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency).


  • A service is not compulsory, although we do recommend it to improve the safety of your vehicle on the road.  


What’s included in a Mot or a Service?


  • An accredited person by DVSA inspects your vehicle during an MOT – this includes the exterior, interior and under the bonnet.

  • A service requires checking your vehicle is safe on the road, stripping mechanical parts and adding components where needed.  Eurofit’s service packages>>


What is the purpose of a MOT or a Service ?


  • The purpose of a MOT is to check your vehicle is roadworthy and meets the minimum safety standards and levels of exhaust emissions.

  • A service plays a vital role in maintaining your vehicle’s safety.