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Why do I need an MOT test?

All UK registered vehicles over 3 years old are required by law, to have an annual inspection known as the MOT test. This is to ensure the vehicle meets the minimum government standards for roadworthiness, vehicle safety and emission levels.You can book up to 31 days before its due date.

It’s not the same as a Service!

It is easy to think that if your vehicle has passed an MOT test that it is reliable and safe to drive for another year, however the MOT test is very basic as the MOT inspector is not allowed to remove or strip any mechanical components during an examination. The test only gives a snap shot of the vehicles condition at that given time.

Regular servicing will help maintain an engines life by replacing oil & filtration and give you a greater insight to the vehicles condition i.e. brakes, steering, suspension.

Pass Fail and Advisory notice

The result of the MOT test is based on the condition of your vehicle at the time of testing.

Pass – vehicle has met the minimum road safety and environmental standards as required by law.

Advisory – faults that will not cause the vehicle to fail an MOT, however require attention and should not be ignored, tyres may be worn (but not yet illegal), fluid leaks, holes in the exhaust and corrosion. Eurofit recommend rectifying the faults before they worsen.

Fail – the vehicle did not meet the minimum road safety and environmental standards as required by law. The certificate will list the failures. If the failures are repaired within 10 working days, then there will be no retest fee. After 10 working days, the vehicle will require a new MOT test and you will be charged for the test.

If you’re MOT has expired

If you are caught driving a vehicle without a valid MOT you can be prosecuted. The only exception is driving the vehicle to and from a pre booked MOT so make sure that your local centre has your full vehicle and contact details. Eurofit has set up a free MOT reminder service to notify customers in advance to book their MOT.

What to do if you lose your MOT certificate?

Simply produce your vehicle V5 document and we will provide you with a duplicate MOT certificate at a cost of £10.

4 Easy Steps

Step 1 : Select branch

Step 2 : Select time & date

Step 3 : Enter details

Step 3 : Confirm Booking

Book MOT in 3 easy steps!

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