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Vauxhall Dealer Alternative

If you’re looking for warranty protected servicing for your Vauxhall car, you can trust our local certified Eurofit Autocentres mechanics in  Walsall, Telford, Sheffield, Ludlow, Henley, Wolverhampton and Cannock at Eurofit Autocentres to repair, replace or carry out any diagnostics and servicing your car needs.

The Vauxhall brand has come a long way since the company first started to produce cars in 1903 and is now a well-known name within the industry. The familiar Griffin logo has remained highly recognisable on a global level and Vauxhall continue to remain a firm favourite in a highly competitive market.

Did you know?

“Block Exemption” refers to recent changes in European Law which now allows independent auto centres to undertake dealer scheduled car services. 

This means that we can carry out Vauxhall Dealer Scheduled Servicing in our Wolverhampton and Cannock car-servicing branch whilst still 100% protecting your Vauxhall warranty.

Having to return to a Vauxhall Dealership is a thing of the past!

Here at Eurofit Autocentres, we have the latest diagnostic software and equipment. Our skilled car maintenance technicians carry out Dealer Scheduled Services which don’t invalidate your vehicle’s warranty and which comply fully with the service schedule checks as specified by Vauxhall. 

So whether you own a nippy hatchback like the Adam or Corsa, or the family friendly Astra, Zafira, Meriva, Mokka or any other Vauxhall model, you can be assured of original equipment parts and excellent technological know-how at Eurofit Autocentres.

What you can expect from a Vauxhall car service at Eurofit Autocentres?

First of all, you can expect to save money! Our prices are extremely competitive and we always aim to be lower than dealerships – try us!

Secondly, you can expect a whole host of professional and technical car services and customer service from our skilled teams.

  • You get the same peace of mind that you would receive from a main dealership, even if it’s for minor work or repairs
  • Once a car service has been completed we will reset the service light on the dashboard and stamp your service book 
  • You will receive a service sheet outlining the checks undertaken and an invoice stating any advisory notices
  • Our Eurofit Autocentres Specialists have all the latest Vauxhall diagnostic software, which means that our servicing is approved under the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Our Vauxhall software facilitates full fault code-read and re-set, full component activation, ECU coding and full programming procedure for the fitting of Vauxhall accessories
  • You can book online, over the phone or call your local branch in Walsall, Telford, Sheffield, Ludlow, Henley, Wolverhampton and Cannock at Eurofit Autocentres 
  • Warranty protected servicing for your Vauxhall
  • Supplier and fitter of Vauxhall brakes, exhausts and tyres

Need an MOT for your Vauxhall?

Every year, once your Vauxhall has its 3 year birthday, it is required by law to have an annual inspection; the Ministry of Transport test.  This MOT is extremely important to cover the proper industry requirements for a roadworthy car. Ensuring your Vauxhall is roadworthy also ensures your safety and other motorists and pedestrians you come into contact with.

It’s important to highlight that cars without a current approved MOT are breaking the law and can be monitored.

Certify the running order and safety of your car by taking advantage of our special MOT price of £27 (class 4) or only £19 when booking your Vauxhall service. It’s very simple really and it can save you time and money!

Convenient, efficient, timesaving brought to you by Eurofit Autocentres for your Vauxhall MOT.

Contact us today on 0800 270 7733 to book.

What’s the difference between Vauxhall and Eurofit Autocentres Car Services?

Quality parts supplied and fitted will serve to prolong the life of your engine and will not invalidate any Vauxhall warranty. We fit ‘original equipment’ parts, or at your request, Vauxhall parts (which attract an additional cost).

Eurofit Autocentres offers a ‘like for like’ car service and fully comply with Vauxhall Dealer Scheduled Servicing.  The only difference between Vauxhall parts and ‘original equipment’ parts is the price! Whichever you choose, your warranty will remain valid.  

For the added benefit of convenience for you, we can also collect and deliver your car or van from home or work at a suitable time and date.

Should we find that your vehicle needs further attention during a Vauxhall service or annual MOT inspection, we’ll always let you know a breakdown and a cost before progressing with any work. At Eurofit Autocentres we can carry out areas of maintenance and repairs including:

  • Tyres - branded or budget
  • Brake pads and discs
  • Clutches
  • Cambelts
  • Battery maintenance
  • Steering
  • Car suspension adjustments or parts replacement
  • Wheel alignment
  • Wheel tracking
  • Air conditioning repairs

Eurofit Autocentres in Walsall, Telford, Sheffield, Ludlow, Henley, Wolverhampton and Cannock at Eurofit Autocentres, bringing an affordable Vauxhall Specialist to you, the only difference is the price!

Call today on 0800 270 7733 to speak to a friendly team member who can chat about your requirements or book online.