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Mercedes Dealer Alternative

There’s no need to panic if your beloved Mercedes needs a repair, service or MOT!

Here at Eurofit Autocentres our dedicated car mechanics team are ready to deal with any aspects of Mercedes maintenance that you may need and at an incredible price.

Mercedes has a long and enviable history dating back to 1926 and is renowned for its luxurious and quality cars.

‘The Best or Nothing’ lies at the heart of its branding, and Mercedes continue to offer outstanding engineering and unrivalled attention to detail. Owners won’t stand for anything less.

We understand this, which is why we pride ourselves on quality yet affordable servicing for Mercedes vehicles.

Did you know?

European Law changes, known as “Block Exemption,” have made it possible for independent auto centres to undertake dealer scheduled services.

At our Eurofit Autocentres, located in Walsall, Telford, Sheffield, Ludlow, Henley, Wolverhampton and Cannock Eurofit Autocentres, we can offer Mercedes Dealer Scheduled Services whilst protecting your warranty. To confirm, this means you can visit any reputable car garage and maintain your manufacturer warranty without having to pay high-level prices.

Our car service and MOT workshop is fully equipped with the latest diagnostic software and equipment and our skilled technicians will ensure your vehicle benefits from an accurate and complete check.

What you can expect from a Eurofit Autocentres Mercedes Car Service?

We have a great team of expert car mechanics who are proficient in using the latest equipment and software to care for your Mercedes servicing.

  • You’ll receive a service sheet outlining the checks undertaken and an invoice stating any advisory notices
  • Once a Mercedes service has been completed (whether it’s Service A or Service B) we will reset the service light on the dashboard and stamp your car service book
  • As of 1997, vehicles include the Active Service System (known as ASSYST). If your vehicle is fitted with the ASSYST system, additional items such as spark plugs, fuel filter and air filters will be changed depending on age or mileage
  • Main dealer specification service means that our servicing is approved under the manufacturer’s warranty, giving you the same peace of mind that you would receive from a main dealership 
  • Your warranty will not be invalidated
  • Book online, make a quick call to us, or pop into the branch; it’s that simple

Call today on 0800 270 7733 to discuss your Mercedes servicing requirements.

Need an MOT for your Mercedes?

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) annual inspection is a test required for all cars, including your Mercedes once it reaches three years old. Law requires this test and we strongly recommend keeping your inspections up-to-date to avoid any unnecessary issues with your insurance policy or a run-in with the police due to a lapsed certificate.

Eurofit Autocentres offer a fabulous special offer MOT at an affordable price point of £27 (class 4). Why not save even more by combining your MOT with your Mercedes servicing and pay only £19 for your MOT. Save money and time for a convenient, professional service and an efficient outcome!

Contact us today on 0800 270 7733 to book an appointment for your MOT.

What’s the difference between Mercedes and Eurofit Autocentres Car Services?

Quality car parts supplied and fitted will serve to prolong the life of your engine and will not invalidate any Mercedes warranty. We fit ‘original equipment’ parts, or at your request, Mercedes parts (although these will attract an additional cost).

Eurofit Autocentres offers a ‘like for like’ car service and fully comply with Mercedes Dealer Scheduled Servicing.  The only difference between Mercedes parts and ‘original equipment’ parts is the price! Whichever you choose, your warranty will remain valid.  

For your peace of mind, we are extremely knowledgeable and can advise on, and carry out, all areas of car maintenance and accident damage or wear-and-tear repairs. Car part repairs and replacements can include branded or budget tyres, air conditioning systems, replacement brake pads and discs, clutch, cambelt, battery or steering, suspension checks and upkeeps and wheel alignment.

So that you don’t have any unnecessary worry, we’ll even collect and deliver your car or van, at a place and time for your convenience.

Book online by clicking the above banner - As a Mercedes Specialist, the only difference is the price!

We’d love to talk to you about your Mercedes servicing needs – call today on 0800 270 7733 or pop down to your local Eurofit Autocentres branch, to chat in person to one of our experienced car mechanics who can advise accordingly.