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A Seat Dealer Alternative

Looking for Seat warranty protected servicing, diagnostics, an MOT inspection or just plain and simple tyre replacements, brakes or other replaceable mechanical components?

Our skilled car mechanics here at Eurofit Autocentres in Walsall, Telford, Sheffield, Ludlow, Henley, Cannock and Wolverhampton are here to help with an affordable, professional Seat servicing provision. 

Seat is a familiar brand on today’s roads and to our team at Eurofit Autocentres. But did you know that ‘Seat’ stands for Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo? It’s bit of a mouthful yes, yet it has a simple ethos that ‘sort of’ translates into… ‘Enjoyneering’! And we like this!

Seat’s German engineering coupled with sporty, modern styling combine to form today’s popular range of vehicles. From the compact quirky Mii and Arosa, through to the longstanding Ibiza and Leon ranges up to the spacious Alhambra, if you need any maintenance for your treasured Seat, just give us a call on 0800 270 7733.

You can be assured of an exemplary service!

Did you know?

Latest changes for the motor industry in European Law, now allows independent auto centres, such as Eurofit Autocentres, to undertake dealer scheduled car services. This has become known as “Block Exemption” and it basically means you can have your car serviced at a reputable car garage and still maintain your warranty.

No longer do you have to go back to a Seat dealership for your services, repairs, brakes or tyres. Eurofit Autocentres can offer a Seat Dealer Scheduled Service for you whilst 100% protecting your Seat warranty.

Save money, benefit from a local great service, and stay protected!

It doesn’t matter what model or age of the Seat car you own, our expert car mechanics can look after your essential car servicing and maintenance for you.

What you can expect from a Eurofit Autocentres Seat service?

First of all, one of the most important aspects…you will save money when you book with us at our Walsall, Telford, Sheffield, Ludlow, Henley, Cannock or Wolverhampton centres.

Our prices are guaranteed to be lower than Seat dealership prices and all parts used in your service will be of ‘original equipment’ quality.

You can further expect all of the following as part of the quality car service we offer:

  • Our Seat Dealer Scheduled Service will not invalidate your vehicle’s warranty and complies with the service schedule checks as specified by Seat
  • A full and comprehensive service carried out by our expert technicians using the latest software and equipment
  • Once a service has been completed, we will reset the service light on the dashboard and stamp your car service book
  • You will receive a car service sheet outlining the checks done and an invoice stating any advisory notices
  • The convenience of being able to book online or calling your local Walsall, Telford, Sheffield, Ludlow, Henley, Cannock and Wolverhampton branches

There may be times when your car will require further work over and above the standard servicing levels. This may increase due to the age or wear and tear of the vehicle.

Rest assured, our highly experienced car mechanics are proficient in any number of replacement parts and repairs required for your Seat car and can include:

  • Air conditioning service
  • Battery
  • Brake pads
  • Brake discs
  • Cambelt replacement
  • Clutch replacement
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Tyres – budget or branded

Call your local branch today on 0800 270 7733 to discuss your Seat car servicing needs and our team will be more than happy to talk you through booking and what’s required.

Need an MOT for your Seat?

A Ministry of Transport (MOT) annual inspection test is required on all Seat vehicles over the age of three years. This is to provide a valid certification to prove that the car is safe and roadworthy.

It is important to maintain a current, up-to-date MOT and to action any recommendations suggested by our qualified mechanics. Failure to do so could result in void insurance policies and serious consequences if caught by the police.

It is extremely easy to maintain a current MOT or to get the ball rolling at the all-important three-year period. Simply call us on 0800 270 7733 to book in for the Eurofit Autocentres’ special offer MOT price of only £27 (class 4).

If your Seat is also due for a service, we recommend combining the two requirements and paying only £19 extra for your MOT.

No trailing back to a dealership. We’re convenient, professional and efficient, geared up to save you time and money. Over and over again.

What is the difference between Seat and Eurofit Autocentres Services?

Eurofit Autocentres offer a ‘like for like’ service, so the only difference between Seat parts and ‘original equipment’ is the price. Whichever you choose, your warranty will remain valid and you’ll save money!

There’s also the peace of mind of having the same level of technical know-how, professionalism and expertise applied to the work carried out on your car service, with no compromises.

We can collect and deliver your vehicle from your home or workplace at your convenience so that your day can carry on with minimum disturbance. 

Call us at Eurofit Autocentres today on 0800 270 7733 to book in your service, MOT or mechanical specifics.

Book online by clicking the above link - As a Seat Specialist - the only difference is the price!