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A Jaguar Dealer Alternative

Think you need to check your brakes or replace the tyres on your Jaguar car?

Trust in your local Eurofit Autocentres certified mechanics in the West Midlands to repair, replace, carry out an MOT, or provide full servicing for your car.

Jaguar has been a premium marque for many years, and Jaguar owners demand the best.

The centre of Jaguar’s ethos and branding, is the expression ‘The Art of Performance.’

And performance truly is an art. From exacting standards to the achievement of technical excellence, Jaguar cars are recognised for their quality and prestige.

Therefore, surely it’s important to maintain proper care and maintenance for the efficient running of your Jaguar vehicle. And now you can achieve this at an affordable pricing point with all the regular dealer benefits, including Jaguar diagnostics and Jaguar warranty protected servicing.

Sound good to you.

Did you know?

Changes in European Law - known as “Block Exemption” - now allows independent auto centres to undertake dealer scheduled car services. 

This means that we can carry out efficient and qualified Jaguar Dealer Scheduled Servicing in our Wolverhampton and Cannock Eurofit Autocentres car-servicing branch whilst still protecting your Jaguar warranty.

Having to return to a Jaguar Dealership is a thing of the past!

Here at Eurofit Autocentres, we have the latest diagnostic software and equipment. Our skilled technicians carry out Dealer Scheduled Services which don’t invalidate the vehicle’s warranty and which comply fully with the service schedule checks as specified by Jaguar. 

So whether you own an XE, XJ, XF, F Type, F Pace, XK, S Type, X Type or any other model, you can be assured of original equipment parts and excellent technological know-how. It’s simple really.

What you can expect from a Eurofit Autocentres Jaguar Service?

For your convenience, you can book online or call your local branch on 0800 270 7733. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

Once here, our expert car technicians using the latest equipment and diagnostics software will care for your Jaguar.

  • Once a service has been completed we will reset the service light on the dashboard and stamp your car service book.
  • You’ll receive a service sheet outlining the checks undertaken and an invoice stating any advisory notices.
  • Our main dealer spec service means that our servicing is approved under the manufacturer’s warranty giving you the same piece of mind that you would receive from a main dealership.
  • Unrivalled technical support and specialist software engineers. Our equipment’s capabilities are parallel to that of Jaguar dealerships.
  • Full fault code-read and re-set, full component activation, electronic control unit procedures, clearing and setting of adaptation values, full coverage of ECU coding and much more (too many to list!)

And that’s not all we can offer Jaguar car owners.

Need an MOT for your Jaguar?

If your Jaguar is over 3 years old it is required by law to have an annual inspection; the Ministry of Transport (MOT) test.  This is not simply a way to gain more money from the vehicle owner but rather to ensure the safety of those traveling in your Jaguar and those fellow motorists around you. A Jaguar MOT is designed to confirm your car is running to a safe, acceptable level. The police authorities and insurance providers know if your car MOT has lapsed.

Why not save time and expense by taking advantage of our special MOT price of £27 (class 4) or only £19 when booking a Jaguar service. It makes sense to combine the procedures for time and money savings.

Efficient, professional, convenient.

What is the difference between a Jaguar and Eurofit Autocentres Service?

Here at Eurofit Autocentres we fit ‘original equipment’ parts, or at your request, Jaguar parts (at an additional cost). The choice is yours for brakes, tyres, car battery or even wipers!

The only difference between Jaguar parts and ‘original equipment’ is the price; whichever you choose your warranty will remain valid. 

Alongside this, you get the peace of mind that our ‘like for like’ car servicing fully complies with Jaguar Dealer Scheduled Servicing. 

All levels of maintenance and repairs for your Jaguar vehicle can be advised on, to include budget or branded tyres, battery, steering, car suspension, tracking and wheel alignment, air conditioning, brake pads and discs, clutches, cambelts, and full diagnostics.

In addition, so you can carry on with your day without disturbances, we can also collect and deliver your vehicle (from home or work) at your convenience. Even if you have a day trip planned with your family!

As a Eurofit Autocentres Jaguar Specialist - the only difference is the price! 

Pop down to the Eurofit Autocentres branch or call us today on 0800 270 7733. Book in your Jaguar servicing or MOT over the phone or online and be sure to raise any questions you may have with our expert car mechanics. We’re here to help! Book online today.