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A Audi Dealer Alternative

If you’re looking for Audi Warranty Protected Servicing, diagnostics, an MOT, or just need to source a reliable centre for Audi brakes, tyres, exhausts or other replaceable mechanical components, then here at Eurofit Autocentres we have the products and services you need. And at an affordable price for great quality.

It was back in 1928 when four companies amalgamated (hence the four ringed logo) to form AUDI. Since that time its road presence has expanded and evolved to the premium marque we recognise today.

Audi’s short alpha-numeric model names are instantly identifiable, so whether you own an A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q5, Q7, sporty TT or raging R8, we can offer a quality servicing provision and maintenance for your car, whatever the age, range or model.

‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’ – Progress Through Technology!

And now we’d like to inform you of progress through servicing…

Did you know?

Did you know that you no longer have to go to an Audi dealership for your services, repairs, brakes or tyres.

Changes in European Law that are known as “Block Exemption” has resulted in independent auto centres, such as Eurofit Autocentres in Walsall, Telford, Sheffield, Ludlow, Henley, Wolverhampton and Cannock to undertake dealer scheduled car services.

At our workshops, we can offer an Audi Dealer Scheduled Service for you whilst 100% protecting your Audi warranty.

Save money, achieve great service, and stay protected!

And it doesn’t matter what model you own; any age, any range, any model, they’re all welcome here.

What you can expect from a Eurofit Autocentres Audi Service?

We have a great team of expert technicians who are proficient in using the latest equipment and software to care for your Audi.

  • You’ll receive a service sheet outlining the checks undertaken and an invoice stating any advisory notices
  • Once an Audi service has been completed, we will reset the service light on the dashboard and stamp your car service book
  • Your manufacturer’s warranty will not be invalidated
  • You’ll receive technical support and advice from our specialist software engineers who use equipment with capabilities that are parallel to those used by Audi dealerships
  • Our main dealer spec service means that our servicing is approved under the manufacturer’s warranty, giving you the same peace of mind that you would receive from a main dealership 
  • Book online or make a quick call to us or pop down to the branch, it’s that simple

If we find that your vehicle requires further attention during a service, we’ll let you know of a cost breakdown before progressing with any work. At Eurofit Autocentres we carry out maintenance and repairs including:

  • Tyres - branded or budget
  • Brake pads and discs
  • Clutches
  • Cambelts
  • Battery
  • Steering
  • Car suspension adjustments or parts replacement
  • Wheel alignment
  • Wheel tracking
  • Air conditioning repairs

Call us on 0800 720 7733 to find out more.

Need an MOT for your Audi?

You’ll know that if your Audi is over 3 years old it’s required by law to have an annual inspection; the Ministry of Transport (MOT) test. 

It is important that you maintain proper care for your car and the Audi MOT provided by Eurofit Autocentres is designed to achieve exactly that. It is also worth mentioning that the police authorities and insurance companies have a way of finding out whether your vehicle has a valid MOT inspection. It pays to be safe and to maintain your Audi with a valid MOT to prove that the car is roadworthy.

So, to help you save time and expense, why not take advantage of our special MOT price of just £27 (class 4) or only £19 when booking your Audi service?

Your car will be in safe hands we can assure you. Book online by clicking the above banner.

What is the difference between an Audi and Eurofit Autocentres Service?

Here at Eurofit Autocentres we use ‘original equipment’ parts, or Audi direct parts if requested (these are chargeable at an additional cost). The only difference is the price and whichever parts you choose your warranty will remain valid and you’ll save money.

Alongside this, you get the peace of mind that our ‘like for like’ car servicing fully complies with Audi Dealer Scheduled Servicing. 

And to help you carry on with your day without disturbances, we can also collect and deliver your vehicle at time and place to suit you.

Walsall, Telford, Sheffield, Ludlow, Henley, Wolverhampton and Cannock Eurofit Autocentres Audi Specialist - the only difference is the price! 

Contact us today on 0800 270 7733 to discuss the servicing requirements for your Audi or to check when your next MOT is due for renewal. We’re more than happy to help with any additional car servicing requirements, aside from your annual MOT and service schedule. You are more than welcome to pop down to your local Eurofit Autocentres branch, to chat in person to one of our qualified technicians who can advise accordingly.