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Free Valve, Balance & Fitting

Eurofits Free Valve, Balance & Fitting Gaurantee

Take advantage of our free valve, balance & fitting offer at Eurofit Autocentres. Each component is important in the maintenance of your tyres.

While many of Eurofit Autocentres competitors charge for tyre disposal. We offer this service free of charge. This process involves environmentally disposing of old tyre casings removed from your vehicle.

The Purpose and importance of a Valve Replacement

The purpose of a valve is to maintain & permit the removal or addition of air into the tyre to maintain its recommended pressure. The valve is the small bit hanging out of the steel rim or alloy & is very important to your safety & tyre life. Valves are usually made of rubber & have a cap attached to the top; these attributes tend to deteriorate with age & use. Valves can get damaged & worn, that’s why at Eurofit Autocentres we replace them each time we change your tyres.

PLEASE NOTE: that many modern vehicles are fitted with tyre pressure sensor valves that monitor the pressure electronically. Variations in pressure are then shown on the dashboard. Please note that is not included in this offer. Terms apply.

The causes of Unbalanced Tyres  

Tyres that are not balanced cause vibration, steering wheel to shake & causes uncomforting driving especially between certain speeds on the motorway. Unbalanced wheels also cause premature steering & suspension deterioration. Correct tyre balancing eliminates this.

This is an inexpensive cost however, at Eurofit Autocentres we offer this service free of charge when tyres are replaced with us.

Eurofit Autocentres tyre technicians are fully trained & accredited by an external body. 

There is no need to book this service as it comes completely free with all of our tyres, so enter your vehicle registration to get the right tyre size for your car.