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Free Tyre Health Check

What does Eurofits Free Tyre Health Check include? 

Looking after your tyres can never be easier at Eurofit Autocentres with our free Tyre Health Check. Our check includes tyre & tread condition, pressure check & adjustment including the spare tyre. Eurofit Autocentres recommend checking your tyres at least once a month or every time you make a long distance journey. 

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is essential and can extend the life of your tyres and enhance vehicle safety and fuel effiency.

Understanding the Affects of Tyre Health Problems 

Under inflated tyres can result in the tyre over heating causing a blow out which is particularly common on motorways & extremely dangerous. Over inflated tyres can lead to poor handling & excessive tyre wear in the centre of the tyre. Tyre pressure can also effect the fuel consumption, tyre wear & CO2 emissions.

Small cuts, lumps & bumps can appear in the tyre & if they go unnoticed, can cause road accidents. These are usually caused by hitting a kerb, driving over potholes & emergency braking (flat spot). We will also check if the correct tyres are fitted to the vehicle & that they are the same on each axle.

General guidance and advice on Tyre Health 

It is your responsibility as a driver to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy. According to the UK legislation 'The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986,' it is the drivers duty of care to ensure your tyres are the correct size & pressure. Eurofit Autocentres would also recommend the vehicle's wheel alignment to be checked at the same time.