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DPF Regen Info

What is DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters)? 

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) are common in the newer vehicles & require maintenance – at Eurofit Autocentres we are able to diagnose & regenerate DPF’s. The DPF helps to reduce the amount of soot that is released into the atmosphere by diesel vehicles. The excess soot should be captured in the DPF trap & then burnt off more fully before releasing into the atmosphere. To function properly, the DPF relies on the exhaust gases reaching quite high temperatures at the point of the trap.  

Problems Associated with the Regeneration Process 

If your vehicle is only used for short, low speed journeys, the components do not reach the temperatures needed to fulfil the process. Slowly, soot will build up in the DPF.A longer journey, with higher speeds maintained is often all that will be required to clear the build-up. However if this is not done in good time, the soot will continue to build up, eventually blocking the filter. At this point the vehicle management system may sense the problem has become too bad for the vehicle's regeneration process to clear the soot.  The engine management system may put the car into a “limp home mode”, & the vehicle will need mechanical repair, or a warning light may illuminate on the dashboard.

Eurofits DPF Guarantee 

Many dealerships would replace the DPF at a major expense that is likely to exceed £1,000.  However, Eurofit Autocentres can diagnose, unblock clean & regenerate your existing vehicle DPF at a huge saving.

What should I do if I am experiencing DPF problems? 

If your vehicle has suffered from a DPF blockage, or your vehicles warning light is indicating that the DPF requires a manual regeneration, contact your local Eurofit Autocentres branch.