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Diagnostics & Repairs

Dectecting possible faults from the Iluminated warning lights 

If an unfamiliar light appears on your vehicle's dashboard, either when driving or with the engine off, the engine management system has detected a possible fault. Our fully trained Eurofit Autocentres technicians are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment to determine the root cause of the problem.

Reading the in-board computer known as the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) offers a history of the vehicle's trouble codes. However, diagnostic testing may not initially solve the underlying issue but simply points to the root cause of the issue.

What if the light comes on, but my vehicle is still running ok?

A highlight of warning lights appearing on your dashboard is that it warns you of a problem, before it could grow into a potentially expensive issue. Not every vehicle problem gives you obvious indications (i.e. hard starting, rough running, vehicle stalling) that something is wrong.  

Our technicians will connect the latest diagnostic equipment to your vehicle to read trouble codes stored on the ECU. Once a report is generated, we can investigate the matter to determine the exact cause of the fault. Eurofit Autocentres technicians are highly skilled in fault-finding & with our database we are able to diagnose issues promptly & effectively.

Whether an ABS, Airbag, Engine Management, Handbrake, Coolant, glow plug light is active, book your vehicle into your local Eurofit Autocentres.