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Dealer Standard Diagnostics

Eurofit Autocentres diagnostic technology is a genuine alternative to the manufacturer, often providing quicker diagnostics, coding & programming than other diagnostic tools. 

How does the Diagnostics Software work? 

Our diagnostic software is unique in offering full fault code read & re-set, full component activation, electronic control unit (ECU) procedures, clearing & setting of adaptation values, full coverage of ECU coding, full programming capability including engine control modules & transmission control modules, adjustment of engine idle, real-time reading of all dynamic data, procedure for engine & immobiliser alignment, procedure for trial substitution of control units & procedure for the fitting of Mercedes Benz accessories. Car/Key Memory Function for personalising vehicle.

Eurofit Autocentres combines dealer-level software with unrivalled technical support from Master Technicians & specialist software engineers. 

Specialists of Cars 

We are specialists in Volkswagen, Seat, SKODA, Audi, RENAULT, DACIA, Citroen, JAGUAR, Land Rover, MINI, BMW, Mercedes Benz & PEUGEOT.

Eurofits Diagnostics Guarantee 

Eurofit Autocentres have the capability of meeting dealership & manufacturers' diagnostic & repair work. Our machines consistently out-perform all other forms of aftermarket diagnostic tools, with functions that go beyond the manufacturers & also provide full coverage of the dealerships' capabilities.

Eurofit Autocentres are confident to diagnose, service & repair vehicles to the highest level, without the need to involve the dealership & maintain a competitive pricing structure.