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Brakes - Common Faults

Brake pads, discs, shoes, cylinders & pipes are important, if not the, most important safety aspects on your vehicle & it is essential you get these regularly checked by one of our fully trained technicians.  The quality of your brakes is vital, due to the importance of the job they do, so we only fit original equipment parts for your safety.

To increase the performance & longevity of the braking system, Eurofit Autocentres recommend brake fluid replacement every 2 years (depending on make and model).

Common faults are brake judder, vibration when braking, loss of brake pedal, spongy brakes, brake warning light on dashboard, weak handbrake lever, pull on steering when braking & hard brake pedal.

Common Braking Issues

If you have any of the following issues they could lead to brake failure:

  • Noises when braking i.e. scraping, rubbing, squeaks, grinding noises
  • Vibration when braking at 30mph or above
  • Pulling to the left or right when braking
  • Poor performance or slow braking i.e. spongy brakes, reduced efficiency when braking
  • Hard brake pedal
  • Slack in handbrake lever
  • Brake warning light on dashboard

For your peace of mind, Eurofit Autocentres can provide a free brake check. Our technicians will assess the condition of your entire braking system including rear shoes, brake pads, discs, cylinders, hoses, brake pipes & calipers.

If you require any work, we will give you a full quotation with no obligation.

Or why not book a free brake test at one of our Autocentres.

Brake Safety

We all know that the braking system in your vehicle is what helps your vehicle to slow & stop safely.  It is important to regularly maintain the braking system to help keep your vehicle safe & to prevent damage to other components.

Eurofit Autocentres recommend your vehicle undertakes a brake inspection & our qualified technicians will advise on which braking components require replacement.