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Brake Fluid Change

What is Brake Fluid? 

Brake fluid is the vehicle's equivalent to human blood in the braking system. When the brake pedal is pressed, the brake fluid compresses the mechanical components, which push the brake pads onto the discs. This in turn reduces the speed of the vehicle & slows it down.

Common Brake Fluid Faults 

Heat is generated when braking, especially during prolonged braking or emergency braking. This may affect the brake fluid liquid as with heat, liquid can transform to vapour. Brake fluid’s boiling point is critical to a vehicle's braking.

Over a period of time, a build up of dirt residue in the brake fluid will reduce its ability to lubricate rubber seals & mechanical components & prevent corrosion. The main cause of brake fluid deterioration is the absorption of moisture via hoses, joints & piping.

Low brake fluid typically means that your brake pads are worn & may require changing. If this is not the case, loss of brake fluid could also be due to a leak which can be dangerous. Loss of brake fluid could lead to a sudden loss of brakes, spongy brake pedal, reduced braking distance or braking failure.

Brake Fluid Routine Servicing

During Eurofit Autocentres routine servicing, we check the brake fluid condition & its boiling point. However, if you notice that your brake fluid or handbrake light is illuminated on your dashboard & your brake fluid is low, then take your vehicle immediately to your local Eurofit Autocentres. Our qualified technicians will undertake a free brake inspection on your vehicle to diagnose the fault.

It is recommended by vehicle manufacturers that brake fluid be changed at least once every 2 years. This helps to maintain the life of the brakes.