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Two hands holding and cleaning car windscreen wiper on blue car

Wipe Your Worries Away With Eurofit Autocentres

The most underappreciated but essential thing on our car? Windscreen wipers. We never seem to fully appreciate them until there’s torrential rain, dirt, or bugs. Not being able to see out of your windscreen is not only annoying but can...

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Eurofit Autocentres technician looking in car bonnet at engine

Top 10 Tips for Car Maintenance During Lockdown

Letting a car sit for long periods of time can potentially cause a lot of harm to your car, resulting in expensive repair bills. But you can still maintain your vehicles condition by following a few key steps. Here are...

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Two Eurofit technicians carrying car tyre and engine, with red background

Keeping You Moving Through Lockdown

Over the last few days we have been overwhelmed with questions and confusion surrounding many issues.   The information listed below should clear some confusion and bring some light on the ways that we will still be here to help.  ...

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Hands on steering wheel in car driving on Winter road with snow and ice

10 Tips to Get Your Car Winter Ready

It has been quite a year and now we are all preparing to bunker down for the winter. But before you do it’s essential to ensure your vehicle is ready for the colder climate. At Eurofit Autocentres we offer a...

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Eurofit Autocentres mechanic underneath car with glove on and spanner fixing car

Avoid unexpected breakdowns with regular servicing.

Eurofit Autocentres know that servicing your vehicle is just as important as an MOT.      Regular vehicle servicing will increase fuel economy whilst maintaining a healthy engine to avoid unexpected breakdowns.   Servicing is not compulsory, although we do recommend...

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