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Branded Tyres vs Unbranded Tyres



Mr Green was travelling to work in the morning and drove into a pothole. To be on the safe side, he booked a Free Tyre Health Check at his local Eurofit Autocentre. Eurofits qualified and experienced technicians, identified a small puncture to the front left wheel and all four tyres appeared to be below the legal tyre tread depth.


*Tyre tread depth should be at least 1.6 mm across the central three-quarters of the tyre. Not only is it against the law for Mr Green to drive the vehicle with tyres below the legal tread depth, it also poses a major safety risk such as failing to brake effectively and lack of vehicle handling.

*If unnoticed a small puncture can cause a blowout which releases air from the tyres. This can affect the drivability and increase the risk of road accidents.


Will it be Branded or Unbranded tyres!


Mr Green uses his car to commute to work during the week and enjoys going on family trips during the weekend.


Eurofit’s qualified technicians recommended four new tyres from £99 to ensure optimal safety. Eurofit stock a range of Branded Tyres from; DunlopGoodyearPirelliBridgestone MichelinContinental. Branded tyres are designed to be hard wearing, safe, fuel-efficient and long lasting which is the ideal solution for Mr Green’s commute and outings. Although unbranded tyres may work out cheaper, ‘will it be economical in the long run? And will he get his money’s worth? The unbranded tyres are more suitable for drivers driving within urban areas at slower speeds with lower mileage.


Mr Green arranged an appointment to replace all four tyres with his selected choice of Michelin branded tyres.


Eurofit Autocentres Price Promise


'At Eurofit Autocentres, we guarantee low prices on branded tyres and if you find a cheaper like for like brand within a 3-mile radius we will guarantee to match if not beat your quote!'