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Winter Guide - Don't let Winter put a spanner in the works

Your car's safety is important to us

Whether it be winter roads, mud splattered windscreens, pot-holes, snow, ice, storms, or puddles ensure your car is ready this winter with our..

FREE Winter Health Check at Eurofit Autocentres

- Comprehensive Vehicle Health Check Includes tyres, brakes, lights, wipers, steering and suspension, exhaust and battery

- Fluid level top-up* includes anti-freeze and screen wash

Take advantage of our new WINTER OFFER of a FREE MOT with every full service at Eurofit Autocentres. 

During winter, your car requires the most care and preparation to ensure safety and to avoid breakdown. Follow our tips to help avoid breakdown during the cold winter months.

Battery & Electrics
Lights, heaters, stereo and windscreen wiper blades can put additional strain on the vehicle's electrical battery. Our qualified and trained technicians will test the battery’s strength and charging capability as part of the FREE winter checks.  
  • Don't run electrical components longer than necessary 
  • Turn off windscreen wiper blades when it has stopped raining or snowing
  • Turn down the heaters once the windows have cleared of condensation
  • Let the engine run before turning on lights, heaters, music, wiper blades, rear heated screen
Avoid disruption to your day and get peace of mind at Eurofit Autocentres.
Anti Freeze
If you hear any unusual sounds or noises from the engine when starting up, stop the engine immediately. This could be a sign that the water pump might be frozen, which could then cause damage to your engine. If this is the case, allow the engine to thaw. This could take up to a few days.
An overheated engine within a few miles of travel, could be a sign that the radiator is frozen. This prevents the water from circulating the engine and cooling it down.
The common ratio to mix anti freeze and water is 50:50. Eurofit Autocentres recommend that the anti freeze is drained and refilled every 2 years.
If you are unsure, call your local Eurofit Autocentres for further advice.
Windscreen Wiper Blades & Vision
Always clear snow off the vehicle before getting into the driving seat.  Driving with snow on your vehicle can be a hazard if it slides on to the windscreen and limits your field of vision. Use air conditioning to demist the windows.  Check your windscreen wiper blades are in good condition and ensure that the windscreen washer fluid is to a sufficient level.
Number plates and light units must also be clear of snow, as well as front and rear windscreens.   Ensure that the light lenses cleaned and bulbs are working. 
Eurofit Autocentres recommend that at least 3mm tread for winter driving – even though the legal limit is 1.6mm. Never reduce the tyre pressure to get more grip, this does not work and will risk the drivability and handling of your vehicle.
Consider changing to winter tyres for the cold months – winter tyres have a better grip at low temperatures and wet conditions.
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